Vegetales at Subway


August 14, 2011 by Al

When I first went to Panamá I tried to order a sandwich at Subway. Most to the people in Panamá and just about all of them that work for Subway do not speak English. But why should they? I decided I needed to be able to order in Spanish, so I put together a list of terms of the vegetables served at Subway. The next time I went to Subway I was able to order with no problem. The only problem came after I had ordered and the server started asking me whether I wanted it to go, did I want something to drink, did I want a combo, did I want chips. Yikes!

Subway Vegetales
el tomate tomato
la espinaca spinach
el encurtido pickle
la zanahoria carrots
las aceitunas negras black olives
el maíz corn
el pepino cucumber
el pimiento verde green pepper
la cebollana onion
la lechuga lettuce
el champiñón mushroom
el hongo mushroom
el pimiento pepper
el pimiento plátano banana pepper


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