WordPress Plugins that I MUST Have on Every WordPress Site


February 2, 2012 by Al

Several sites include suggestions for the “essential” plugins one must have on a WordPress site. Given that a number of sites are devoted to spreading the news on this subject but that the “essential” plugins differ from site to site it is hard to accept what these well-intentioned folks have to suggest.

It is ulitmately a matter of what types of sites you put up. So keeping in mind the types of sites I put up, I have included a Basic Must-Have Plugin List.

My-Page-Order: allows you to have pages appear on lists/menus as YOU wish them to appear.

My-Link-Order: gives you control of the order your links will appear.

Exclude-Pages: lets you NOT includes certain pages (i.e., those you use for some internal purpose)

Exec-PHP: allows you to run php scripts in your posts or pages

Page-Link-To: allows you to link to pages external to your site or on your site but not a WordPress page (especially helpful when setting up navigation to external sites)

I have used all of these. They work and they are very helpful. You can find all of them via a search for plugins from within your WordPress site.


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