Enhancing Spanish Vocabulary: Introduction


August 11, 2011 by Al

Conventional wisdom holds that when learning a language one should attempt to learn at least one word a day. That amount seems a little light, so here as I attempt to learn Spanish I force myself to learn 26 words a day. The number is not as large as it seems because if a word is a verb then an elementary conjugation (present, past, future tenses, and the past and present participles) yields as many as 20 new words plus the verb infinitive itself.   Adding some non-verbs into the mix helps build vocabulary so I include five of them on most days. Obviously, I only include words here that I do not know, or at least that I don’t know very well.

Pronunciation?  Ha. I go elsewhere to get that.  I’m a gringo and my pronunciation is gringoesque.  Go elsewhere to hear how these words should be spoken.


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